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Welcome to MediVisionTech

MediVisionTech specializes in medical-grade Micro-endoscopes and accepts customized orders.

About Us

MediVisionTech was incubated by National Cheng Kung University under the SPARK program to develop the UGI Monitoring System for rebleeding monitoring following Gastroenterological endoscopies. With feedback from the clinicians, MediVisionTech now focuses on developing medical-use micro-endoscopes and has expanded its specialties to Orthopedics and Dentistry.


MediVisionTech cooperates with doctors from National Cheng Kung University Hospital and continues to develop and conduct clinical trials for micro-endoscopes applied in UGI rebleeding monitoring, nasogastric tube placement, epidural lysis of adhesions, and apical surgery. The company possesses outstanding technologies for fine micro-endoscope assembly and adjustment, and it therefore enables the angle of view, the light source, and the flexibility of the camera probe to be customized. The scopes can even be assembled with tubing for irrigation, suction, or medication.


MediVisionTech proactively makes discussions with clinicians regarding the unmet clinical needs and creates solutions by integrating micro-endoscopy into digital health. The company’s aims are to help improve patient’s prognosis, reduce the workload on healthcare professionals, and make the most efficient use of medical resources. In order to achieve its aims, MediVisionTech provides endoscopic medical devices for early diagnoses, view, and precision medicine.



Upper Gastrointestinal Monitoring System
(Phase I Clinical Trial Conducted)

UGI Monitoring System Transmitter去背.png
UGI Monitoring System Schematic Diagram

✓ Applied after endoscopic treatments for rebleeding monitoring

✓ Live images of the patient's UGI tract taken by microendoscope

✓ Bleeding status telemonitored at any time by the medical staff

✓ Warnings sent automatically to medical staff

✓ Early detection for a more precise treatment plan​

Clinical benefits

✓ Reduced need for blood transfusion

✓ Lowered risks of complications

✓ Shortened length of stay in the ICU

Multiple Parties Benefited

✓ Patients: better outcomes, earlier oral intakes, earlier discharges

✓ Gastroenterologists: optimized procedure, increased information, decreased workload

✓ Healthcare Providers: boosted reputation, reduced litigation,

enhanced efficiency, contained costs


✓ Patents

✓ Clinical Trials

✓ Publication

▶ Pilot Run and Safety Testing

Working Channel Inspection Scope

Endoscope Working Channel Inspection

✓ Completeness

✓ Cleanliness

✓ Dryness

Product Specification

Scope Length: 1.6m (customizable)

Scope Outer Diameter: 2.1mm

Image Resolution: 624×624

Light Source: 4 LEDs with 2 adjustable brightness levels

​Processor Size: 84mm×42mm


Additional Functions

​Pictures taking and videos recording with the complimentary software

​Get still images by pressing the pause button


Endoscopes with a working channel >2.3mm

Image Output: the Windows system, the Android system

工作通道檢查鏡Working Channel Inspection Scope

Customized Medical-grade Micro-Endoscopes for Animal and Human Studies​

Customizable Features According to Your Requirements

✓ Outer Diameter
✓ Flexibility
✓ Light Source: LED/ Optical Fiber
✓ Water Channel

✓ Working Channel

Our customized micro-endoscopes have been applied in: 

Observation of the Rabbit’s Nasal Cavity and Turbinate

✓ Debridement and Observation of the Pig’s TMJ Implantation

✓ Apicoectomy

✓ Tract Inspection

✓ Biopsy


Real Case Applications

  • YouTube

​Customized Micro-Endoscopes in Animal Study:
Observation of the Rabbit’s Nasal Cavity
and Turbinate

​Customized Micro-Endoscopes in Animal Study:
Debridement and Observation of the Pig’s Temporomandibular Joint Implantation

​Customized Micro-Endoscopes in Human Study:

​Customized Micro-Endoscopes in Human Study:

Tract Inspection

​Customized Micro-Endoscopes in Human Study:



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Phone: +886-6-2007496

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